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School Rules

  • Pupils are polite, kind, respectful and thoughtful at all times.

  • Pupils are proud to wear the school uniform correctly.

  • Pupils will be properly equipped for every lesson. E.g. calculators, geometry set, PE kit, cookery ingredients etc.

  • If pupils choose to wear single stud ear rings and watches, they remove them for safety reasons in appropriate lessons. Any other jewellery is not allowed unless it’s is for religious reasons.

  • Pupils only wear clear nail varnish, natural make up or hair colour. None of these are allowed for the prep school.

  • Pupils remain in the school grounds at all times, unless permission is given to leave the premises, so that senior staff know where pupils are.

  • Pupils are tolerant of other cultures, religions and faiths.

  • Pupils name their clothing and possessions to allow a swift return of lost items.

  • Pupils take responsibility for their own valuables and possessions and keep them locked away in the lockers provided.

  • Pupils look after our working environment and respect the belongings of other people. Pupils don’t waste or damage things.

  • If brought to school, mobile phones are silenced and locked in personal lockers from 8.45am until school finishes. They must not be looked at throughout the day unless requested to do so by a teacher. Pupils must not contact their parents or anybody else throughout the day, in an emergency the office will make a phone call for them.

  • Pupils keep to the left and walk quietly and safely up and down the stairs. Pupils show respect by standing when teachers and visitors enter the room and do not sit until given permission.

  • Pupil’s homework is signed by a parent or guardian and given in on time to allow us to make maximum progress.

  • Pupils will be punctual to school. Absence during term time will be allowed for medical reasons or in exceptional circumstances when prior permission has been sought from the Headteacher in writing. After pupils are absent from school for illness, pupils bring a note from their parent or guardian which is to be given to the administration office (seniors) and class teachers (prep), to be kept on file.


A detention is given to anyone who has 3 order marks. Order marks can be give for any of the following reasons.

  •  I disobey my  teacher or other staff   
  • I do not obey the school rules
  • I wear unnatural make-up (Natural make-up = concealer, lip balm only)
  • I wear incorrect uniform
  • I am rude towards staff or other pupils    
  • I forget my homework
  • I do not bring in my books/PE equipment
  • I wear nail varnish/shellac/false eyelashes or have unnatural hair colour
  • I am knowingly unkind to another pupil or bully somebody
  • I create problems on social media

 I know that if I get 3 order marks I will be given a detention, and I will only get one warning before an order mark is issued            

1st detention     –        phone call to parents and I will stay for half an hour after school


2nd detention    –         the head teacher will write a letter to my parents explaining how I am behaving and I will stay for half an hour after school


3rd detention     –        the head teacher will ask my parents to come into school to discuss my behaviour, I will be put on report and I will stay for an hour      after school


4th detention      –        I will continue on report, I will lose the privilege of going on school trips and I will stay for an hour after school