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Premises Management Policy

We aim to have a healthy school environment where safety is managed, risks are controlled and facilities are fit for purpose. Our programme of maintenance and development is created from a combination of regular monitoring done by competent persons, curriculum development initiatives from senior management, and from development requests from teachers. Premises monitoring includes, for example, condition of decoration and state of repair, suitability for purpose of use, Health and Safety, or other requested facility. Priorities are established by senior management, and balanced with the budget for the year. The timetable of work is established by the headteacher.

Contractors are advised by the Head Teacher of the Health and Safety Regulations operating in the school, and are required to go about their work, with due consideration and safety for the smooth operation of the school activities. Except in emergencies, external contractors work in the school buildings in holiday time in order to minimise dangers, disruption to education and safeguarding issues.

Our order of priorities is:

  • Work required for urgent Health or Safety, including electrical, heating, dangerous walls, leaking pipes etc.
  • Serious deterioration of building or fabric where delay will lead to increased cost.
  • All other work, including decoration.

Routine, minor and some major work is carried out by our own maintenance team and the caretaker. Our staff are experienced and competent to carry out many functions.
External contractors are used wherever we do not have the manpower or the expertise in-house.

We aim to comply with all relevant buildings and safety regulations, such as Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1992, Workplace (Health, Safety & Welfare) Regs 1992, The Education (Schools Premises) Regs 1996. Some equipment by law requires specific checks by qualified personnel at set intervals in time. These checks and intervals are adhered to.

Review frequency: Annually
Date of last review: September 2016