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Complaints Procedure Policy

With close liaison between school and parents, concerns are usually dealt with before they become complaints. However, in the unlikely event of a complaint arising the following procedures may be used:

Stage 1:  the informal stage

  • Initially a complaint should be made verbally and dealt with on an informal basis, either by the teacher concerned or the form teacher.  Hopefully this will resolve the situation.
  • If the complainant is not satisfied, the complaint should be put to the head of section or the Headteacher.

Headteacher: Ms Linda White
Deputy Headteacher: Mrs Tracey Lambert
Head of Prep School: Mrs Tracey Lambert

Stage 2: referral to the Headteacher in writing

  • If the complainant wishes the matter to be taken further, the complaint should be put in writing to the Headteacher.
  • If the complaint is about a member of staff, he/she may bring a friend/representative to be present at the interview.
  • The complainant will be informed in writing of the outcome of the meeting.

Stage 3: referral to a panel

  • If the complainant is not satisfied with the response to a written compliant the complainant may refer this to a panel.
  • The complainant should put the complaint in writing to the Chair of the panel. The Chair should respond promptly and write to the complainant, the Head and other relevant staff or witnesses to inform them.
  • There will be a independent panel of at least 3 people. One of these people will be an independent person; this panel is to be appointed by the Headteacher; it will set out clear timescales for the management of the complaint usually within 15 days; parents will be invited to the hearing; if parents wish to be accompanied, they may bring one person to the meeting for the purpose of mediation and support, there should be at least three people present.
  • After careful consideration by the panel, the complainant, Headteacher and, where relevant, the person complained about are to be informed about the findings and recommendations within 5 school days.

General procedures

  • A confidential record is kept of all formal complaints and their outcomes, including whether or not the complaint was resolved initially, put in writing or proceeded to a panel.
  • These records are kept confidential, but are available for Ofsted inspection.

Review frequency: Annually
Date of last review: January 2017