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Anti-bullying Policy

Children have a right to be educated in a safe and secure environment and to be protected from those who might wish to harm, degrade or abuse them.

We believe that bullying is not acceptable under any circumstances and that it is best prevented through the development of a school ethos based on mutual respect, fairness and equality. We also acknowledge that bullying behaviour is a problem for the victim and perpetrator and needs support and management strategies that are pragmatic and non-oppressive, and that provide opportunities for growth and development of the bully and victim alike. Differences of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, ability are not tolerated as reasons for bullying.

We consider bullying to include interaction between an individual or group of people with a more powerful individual or group which is perceived or intended to cause hurt, pain, suffering, humiliation or degradation. Bullying behaviour might be direct in the form of physical violence and threats, verbal assaults and taunts, the destruction of property, extortion, unwanted sexual interest or contact. Indirect forms of bullying might include ignoring and the withdrawal of friendship, excluding, malicious gossip and spreading rumour, abusive or oppressive graffiti.

We takes all forms of bullying seriously and are particularly concerned to take action in relation to any incidents which involve racist, sexist, disablist or homophobic elements. In such cases these issues will be specifically addressed with the bully (and his/her parents/carers where appropriate) in the course of post incident management. Incidents of bullying with racist content or motivation should be recorded in line with the “Guidelines and Procedures for Dealing with Racist Incidents”.

We record incidents of bullying and to monitor the effectiveness of strategies for preventing it and for bringing it under control. We invest time and resources in the prevention and management of bullying making advice available to staff, parents and pupils. Information about School’s policy and procedures should be readily available in ‘user-friendly’ form to children and their parents/carers. We respond to incidents of bullying, but also aim to pre-empt bullying by reducing physical places that are conducive to bullying, by reducing potential situations and by dealing with the subject in PSHE lessons.

Review frequency: Governing body free to determine
Date of last review: Sept 2016