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Admissions Policy

For entry from March 2016

Numbers and Policy

Our maximum standard class size is 12 pupils. In May 2016 our number of pupils on roll was: 66

Joining Streatham Schools

‘At Streatham our commitment is to bring the best out of every student. We believe that every pupil has something exceptional to offer, a talent to express, successes to find. Our job is to find their talents, develop their skills and help them become respected members of the community.’ Linda White – Headteacher

Streatham Schools is an independent school for pupils aged 4 and upwards. This document explains how to apply for a place and what our policy is on specific aspects of admissions. If you have any questions, please contact the Administration Team on tel. +44 (0)151 9241514 or email:

How to apply for a place – a quick overview

Application forms are available from the Administration Office and all enquiries are to be made to tel. +44 (0)151 9241514 or email: You will then receive a phone call from us confirming receipt.

Visit the school and have a meeting with us

We invite all parents/guardians to visit the school with their child(ren) and we also require all children to have an informal talk with a senior member of staff. During the talk we will ask children to talk about their academic and co-curricular achievements and there will also be an opportunity for you to ask us questions. Your child will be invited to spend a taster session/day at the school, where he or she will have a multi-disciplinary assessment and spend time in the classroom and playground. We will hold a meeting with you to give feedback on the assessment and to detail exactly how we can help. An Educational Psychologist, Speech and Language Therapist and Occupational Therapist can supply written reports. (There is a fee for this service) if necessary.

Send us copies of your child’s recent school reports

You will be asked to send us copies of your child’s recent school reports, predicted GCSE results (if applying for Years 10/11) and any other relevant information – such as a talent in art/drama etc. This enables us to get a sense of your child’s academic strengths and weaknesses. We share this information with teachers so that we can gauge the ability level of students. Once you have completed the above three steps, we will write to you to say whether we can offer your child a place.

To firmly accept your child’s place, you will need to return the Acceptance Form, Medical Form, Permission Form and pay a deposit. This must be done by the deadline we give you – otherwise we cannot guarantee your child a place, and we may have to place your child on a waiting list.

Learning Enhancement

Streatham offers a thriving, supportive environment to all those who need a bit of extra help to achieve their best. If your child has been diagnosed with dyslexia, dyspraxia or any other learning difficulty, this information must be revealed at the time of application. We will then contact you for more information to ensure that we can support your child’s needs fully through our Additional Needs Provision.

For example, we may ask for a copy of your child’s Educational Psychologist’s Report, or ask to speak directly with teachers at your child’s current school. We may also invite you to meet with our Headteacher/SENCO. Our only condition of entry is that the child should display the potential to study GCSE at pass level, with the support we have available.

We are unable to accept children with social, emotional or behavioural difficulties, including children with hyperactivity caused by ADHD. We are not registered with the DfE to accept children on the autistic spectrum.

If English is not a child’s first language, they need to demonstrate English proficiency at a level that enables them to access the curriculum. Rest assured, all personal data and information provided will be treated sensitively and in confidence.

Admission to our fee-paying independent school is dependent on:

  • the pupil passing the school entrance examination (Seniors);
  • the pupil undergoing a baseline assessment and interview (Prep);
  • advance payment of the fee relevant to a child’s age;
  • acceptance by the parent of our terms and conditions;
  • a place being available in the relevant age group;
  • acceptance by the parent of our ethos of excellence in education, the arts and musical theatre

We accept all children who would benefit from our distinctive setting. Enrolment is granted based on the suitability of the pupil, in the Prep school by interview and baseline assessment and in the Senior school by entrance examination.

Reception, KS1 and KS2 classes

Entry into the above classes will be granted following an initial interview with the parent/guardian and the teacher’s assessment of the pupil’s ability level/behaviour whilst attending a taster session.

Year 7

Students are eligible to be considered for admission if the school feels that this is the right educational setting for them.  If the student requires extra support this will be discussed with the parent at the time of enquiry and whether the school can offer suitable provision for their needs.

Years 8 – 11

Admission to other year groups will be subject to availability and dependent on suitability demonstrated by a favourable report from the existing school and test results appropriate for the year group in question. If the student requires extra support this will be discussed with the parents at the time of enquiry and whether the school can offer suitable provision for their needs. Students who are deemed qualified will be allocated a place, subject to availability.


  • This Admissions Policy is subject to annual review.
  • Streatham Schools Ltd adheres to the Equality Act 2010.


If the school is over-subscribed: Looked after Children, siblings and those living closest to the school will be given priority.

Definition of ‘sibling’

A sibling is a sister/brother, which for admission purposes means one of two or more individuals who have one or more parents in common, or any other child (including an adopted child) who permanently lives at the same address and for whom the parent also has parental responsibility.

A student in school will only count to provide a priority to a sibling if she will be attending the school in Years 7-11 at the time of admission (March 2016) of the sibling.

Definition of ‘looked after child’

A looked after child or a child who was previously looked after but immediately after being looked after became the subject of an adoption residence or special guardianship order. A looked after child is a child who is a) in the care of a local authority or b) being provided with accommodation by a local authority in the exercise of their social services functions (see the definition in Section 22(1) of the Children Act 1989.

Definition of ‘parent’

The application form should be completed by a person who is the child’s parent. The definition of a parent is as defined in the Education Act 1996.

Definition of ‘normal home address’

A child’s permanent home address at the time the application form is being completed. This should be where the parent and child live and where the child spends the majority of the school week (Monday to Friday including nights). If there are reasons why a child does not live at his or her parent’s address e.g. she is resident with grandparents, this should be made clear on the application form.

Our promise to you

We know how important it is to choose the right school for your child. It is a decision which takes time, and needs a lot of thought.

As a school, we will work together to help you the best we can – whether this means providing the facts or offering advice and guidance. For example, as well as talking with the Admissions Team, you may find it helpful to talk to the Head of Year about subject choices, or, to meet a sports coach, please just ask us!

We will do our best to give you all the information you need, when you need it – and this support will continue throughout the application process.

Protection of your personal information

All personal information disclosed during the application process will be carefully stored and only shared with those members of the school staff who have need of it as part of their job.


This Admissions Policy is subject to annual review.
Streatham Schools adhere to the Equality Act 2010.
Reviewed September 2016