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In Streatham we approach the curriculum rigorously to ensure that all children achieve academically, broadly following the National Curriculum but also using schemes of work which allow more able children and children with SEN/D to make appropriate and rapid progress in line with their unique abilities.

The Butterfly Class ensures children are provided with a warm, friendly and safe learning environment to explore their abilities and interests with the support, guidance and appreciation of adults. Children work both inside and outside the classroom, making use of local amnesties and adventuring on school trips whenever possible.

Our curriculum alternates in Year A and B, to ensure each cohort has unique learning experiences, these topics vary from Activists in History, Gardens of the World in Geography, Vincent Van Gogh and Sensational Salads. However, English and Mathematics have set topics and targets which must be met by each year group.

In year 1 children are working across Phase 5 Systematic Synthetic Phonics (Letters and Sounds) using Sound Activities to build their skill set to ensure context and competency in reading and writing. In year 2 children continue to solidify their phonetic knowledge and now begin to work across Phase 6 Systematic Synthetic Phonics. In addition children are building. Children are also encouraged to choose books freely from the class library and share their favourite stories from home. A whole school Reading Club has further enabled children to develop their articulacy by discussing texts within wider groups.

English within Key Stage 1 is a joy to teach as children can explore this topic through stories, poetry, drama and play which all support their wider understanding and progression.  Children are allowed the time to explore their imagination and given opportunities to become more adventurous with gentle guidance and support.

Mathematics within Key Stage 1 looks to build a conceptual understanding for each child to ensure they progress with security throughout the Prep School. Children will secure number formation, placement and sequence to 100 in year 1 and to 1000 in year 2. Children will further explore shape, space and measure through first hand experiences and with an array of resources, this later expands to encompass the understanding of  fractions and time. Although, children begin learning the skill and understanding of counting in 2’s, 3’s, 5’s and 10’s in year 1, in year 2 children will begin to understand multiplication and division through more complex calculations. Children finish their time in Key Stage feeling confident and with a developed mental fluency!

In our eyes successful children are inquisitive, motivated, confident and happy and  are further able to demonstrate a strong competency in English and Mathematics.


All children are expected to read each evening. This is a compulsory aspect of every child’s learning and encourages a love of reading from an early age. Children will be given spellings to practise each weekday evening also. Topic homework will be set each Wednesday and is designed to expand each child’s enthusiasm and understanding beyond the classroom. A further short piece of mathematics homework will be set each weekend to consolidate each child’s learning.



Birthdays are happily celebrated in school. If you would like, your child can bring a cake into school to share with their friends.


What to bring to school

Please bring the following each day this term:

  • A fresh bottle of water
  • A healthy snack for playtime
  • A school bag/book bag
  • PE kit/ Dance or Drama Kit and black pumps
  • A waterproof coat and wellies
  • Reading book, planning and homework when due

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require further information regarding this letter or anything else in the future. Any messages left with the school office will be returned at the earliest possible time.

Thank you,   Miss Talent