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Key Stages

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We take a creative approach to the curriculum, encouraging children to explore, question and try new experiences.  We work both in our indoor and outdoor classrooms, using the needs, ideas and enthusiasm of the children, to influence our planning. What success looks like: Children who are inquisitive, motivated, confident and happy, as well as having firm foundations in reading, writing and number.
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Our Junior school is enjoyable, lively and enthusiastic. Standards of work and behaviour are high. We take great care to teach English and Mathematics using a combination of traditional and modern methods appropriate to each child. Practical Science, Technology, History, Geography, the Arts and Performing Arts are all part of the junior curriculum. ICT enhances all learning.
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A broad and balanced curriculum is followed, taking in a full range of academic subjects. Enrichment and artistic activities are studied alongside practical life skills, preparing pupils for further education, university and the world of work. A second foreign language is introduced and support and guidance is available when choosing from a wide range of examination courses.